2022 Refreshed Moms Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical - October 21 - 23

The #1 virtual retreat experience to help mom leaders enjoy rest away from work and kids in order to reconnect with God and renew themselves spiritually.


What is Spiritual Rest?

Spiritual Rest is creating wholeness in your body, mind, and spirit.

It's when you enjoy places and activities to find relief from the daily struggles and immunity from outside attack.

It's where you lay down your fight in order to rest.

In this process, you find your way back home to your relationship with God.

~Sacred Rest


If you're anything like me, it really frustrates you to keep putting Bible study and prayer last as you prioritize the needs of your business, family, and other roles.

You’re craving a break to deeply connect with God, but there seems to always be something or someone else that needs your time.

So, you've been getting by on "scriptures of the day" from your favorite Bible app and praying in the shower.

And if you're having a good week, maybe you catch your church's livestream on Sunday while watching from home, because you're just too tired to pull all the kids together to get there in person.

Let's face it, that's what a mom leader's life looks like sometimes in regards to nurturing your faith.

But...what if you could:

Pray without watching the clock?

Study scripture deeply instead of quickly scanning a passage?

Enjoy times of stillness in order to discern God's voice clearly?

And do it all without your kids around?

If you’re ready to step away from the demands of work or kids in order to spend time with God and renew yourself spiritually, then the Refreshed Moms Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical was made for you.





Wouldn't it feel amazing to:

  • Take a break from the demands of work and home life in order to spend time with God?
  • Choose the destination of your get away based on your travel ability and budget?
  • Nurture and fuel your faith with meaningful Bible sessions and small group discussions?
  • Enjoy times of prayer and intimacy with God without distraction?
  • Actually feel rested and connected to God after a retreat experience?

You’ll check every single one of those boxes with the Refreshed Moms Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical.

Here's why sabbaticals are so important.

A quick message from your event host.

Meet Deanna

Deanna is the Creator of Refreshed Moms, where she helps mom leaders exchange a life of overcommitment with one filled with spiritual rest. She's a former magazine publisher of an internationally distributed magazine for teen girls, a non-profit founder, and homeschool mom that has been forced to learn the unforced rhythms of grace and rest in order to fulfill God's call on her life, and is committed to teaching other moms the same thing.

I love working with mom leaders, because I know it takes so much to faithfully parent and work while trying not to burn out in the process.

The women in my community are just like you and me - showing up to lead in many different ways, filling many different roles. They're:



Business leaders.

Home managers.


Raising amazing kids.

And sometimes, prayer and Bible study gets lost in the busy of all of that responsibility. Before you know it, you're spiritually depleted and feeling distant from God, craving his voice


Here’s what I know:

There’s no way you can sustain all of your leadership roles without spending time with God and making room for consistent spiritual rest.

Which is why I created this mini-sabbatical experience - to give moms like you an opportunity to intentionally nurture your faith and refresh yourself spiritually.

  • It’s affordable - you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to access the sessions or to travel (unless you want to).
  • It’s accessible - you can experience all the sabbatical has to offer from the comfort of your destination.
  • And there’s only one thing I ask - THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR WORK in order to focus on God.

Our goal is for you to spend 2 short nights away prioritizing your faith so you can:

1. Make room for God's voice and

2. Allow your time with him to refresh your soul.

That’s it!

Get started now!

Refill and Refresh with Spiritual Rest Sessions

What are these?

Our Spiritual Rest Sessions are the heart of the retreat. Each speaker will focus on one topic to share on, and afterwards you'll enjoy a small group discussions around your favorite "aha" moments

Our speakers are business and ministry leaders who understand the balancing act of faith, home, and work, and each bring an amazingly unique perspective.

Every session is designed to pour into your spiritual rest, hitting it from many different angles.

Let us refill your cup as we direct your heart towards God.

Sessions and Speakers

"Introduction to Inductive Bible Study" with Deanna Mason

To inductively study the Bible means to take the time to understand the circumstances of which the inspired word of God was written. Asking important questions like, "Who was the author of the book and what was their background? Where did they live? Who were they writing to? What was their culture? What was the purpose of the book being written?"

When all of these pieces of information are brought together, the words of God can be illuminated in such an extraordinary way. You switch from seeing the Bible from the lens of what you think is true to seeing and understanding what God says is true. And it will absolutely transform your faith and you'll fall in love with God even more.

In this session, I'll teach what Inductive Bible Study actually is, and give you some first steps to take to begin using it at home.

"Fighting to Be Free, Not Perfect: The Danger of Perfectionism and Why it Matters in Mothering" with Emily Simons

Emily Simons is mother to four beloved children, wife to one remarkable man, and Pastor to the women of The Square Church in Smyrna, GA. With over 12 years of experience in non-profit and ministry work, she champions excellence while fighting cultures of perfectionism. Emily is passionate about cooking, reading fiction, following Jesus, and tearing down the lies that women believe about themselves (chief among them, that they should be "doing it all"). She is not passionate about dishes, laundry, or remembering to get the oil changed in her minivan.

"The Invisible Load" with Susan Seay

Susan Seay- Host of the Mentor For Moms podcast. International Speaker. Author. Certified Life Coach. Her unique ability is helping high-capacity women make difficult decisions with ease. Her work helps exhausted high-achieving moms become intentional without soul-sucking perfectionism.

"Mom, You Are Seen" with Emily Manginelli

Emily and her husband Phil are Lead Pastors of The Square Church in Smyrna, Georgia. She's passionate about helping people understand the Scriptures and raising up a biblically literate generation who can read and apply the Bible for themselves. She longs to see women come alive in their calling while fully embracing their unique identity as daughters of the King.

"Resting in the Margins" with Brittany J. Turner

A wife and a mom of four, Brittany is passionate about connecting her generation to the truth of scripture and the love of God; empowering them to live in the abundant life purchased by Christ at Calvary.

With a bachelor’s degree from Howard University and an MDiv from Regent University, Brittany uses her gifts to help God’s people bridge the gap between what they say they believe and how they can practically live an authentic and empowered Christian life. Teaching truth transparently is her trademark in hopes that in her story can help others develop a deep and abiding faith as disciples at the feet of Jesus.

Restorative Workshops

These workshops are designed to equip you with tools that help you spend quality time with God during a very busy week. Your daily faith disciplines are just as important as your weekly sabbath practice, and finding opportunities to talk with God that easily fit into your day are key to sustaining your leadership roles.

Praying in Color Sessions

A new way to pray! When you want to spend time with God but feel distracted when you do, it can be frustrating to 'try to pray'. Praying in Color is designed to help you have a concrete way to pray that allows your brain to slow down and to really 'listen' to God. During the Sabbatical you'll have opportunities to stop and pray via Praying in Color. If you're looking for a way to pray that slows down your busy mind, Praying in Color is the answer.

Lectio Divina Bible Sessions

If fitting meaningful Bible study into a busy day feels challenging, this scripture meditative practice is perfect for making short periods of time matter deeply.

Lectio Divina means “divine reading” in Latin. It’s a meditative way of reading the Bible in which we let go of our own agendas and open ourselves to what God is trying to say to us.

It is based on the belief that Christ is truly present in Scripture and that the reading of Scripture allows God to speak to you. And, it doesn't take long to do.

In these sessions, I'll lead us through a scripture passage and we'll journey through the Lectio Divina together.

Mini-Silent Retreat Opportunities

Use the tools shared within your Silent Retreat Bonus Resources (which include short audio meditations and daily scripture writing plans) to lead yourself through times of stillness and communion with God throughout your day when you're not attending a session.


Your weekend could look something like this...


Friday - You've just kissed your kids and hubby good-bye, and now you're driving (or flying) to an Airbnb or hotel at a destination of your choice.

You arrive late afternoon. Maybe you're meeting girlfriends there, or maybe not. Either way, you've brought your bags in, checked out your home for the next 2 nights, and decide to relax into your bed or couch with your Bible and journal... or maybe you go enjoy dinner.

That evening, you flip up your laptop and log into the first Spiritual Rest Session and Group Discussion.

Saturday - You wake, grab your first cup of coffee and drink it while looking over the sabbatical schedule for the day. Then, you hop into an opportunity for morning prayer.

Then, you log off to grab breakfast, and prepare to join the spiritual rest sessions for the day.

After you're feeling rejuvenated from our beautiful session speakers pouring into your heart, you decide to spend the afternoon exploring outdoors, taking a prayer walk, engaging with friends over a meal, and maybe even hopping into the pool or ocean waters to relax for the evening.

Sunday - You make a fresh cup of coffee and join in on a final opportunity for morning prayer and Lectio Divina. You jot down some of your final thoughts in your journal as you reflect on God's voice that weekend.

But before you head out for home, you log into the last spiritual rest session for the weekend.

Then, you pack up to make the drive back home, feeling fully spiritually refreshed. Now, you're ready to return to your leadership roles at home and work.

We provide the sessions.

You curate your spiritual rest experience.

It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the virtual experience work?
You’re responsible for making arrangements for your mini-sabbatical destination for 2-nights. Refreshed Moms will provide a session and workshop schedule - you will be able to register for the Zoom sessions and workshops before the retreat begins. Once you register (via a provided link), you're set!
What if I can’t attend every session?
Every session and workshop is recorded and will be available for you to replay at your convenience.
Do I have to leave my home to take part in the mini-sabbatical?
Of course the decision to leave home is completely up to each attendee, but, our desire is for you to prioritize a restful experience. Leaving your normal surroundings for 2 nights will give you a much better chance to actually refresh yourself. Do your best to get away, but don’t feel guilty if you just can’t swing it.
What happens if I register but something comes up that impacts my ability to attend?
Due to our need to plan based on our registration numbers, we’re not able to provide a refund for your registration. If you’re no longer able to attend, we’ll make sure you still have access to the entire recorded sabbatical experience to enjoy at another time.
What time zone will the sessions and workshops be in?
All sessions and workshops will be offered in American Eastern Standard Time (EST), but every session will have a replay option available immediately afterwards.
I'm not a mom, can I still attend?
Absolutely. Definitely. For sure. You're so welcome here.

Our Event Schedule

(all times are in American EST)


7:00pm Welcome & Spiritual Rest Speaker Session


10:00am Praying in Color

10:30am Lectio Divina Bible Meditation

11:15am Spiritual Rest Speaker Session

12:15pm - 1:30pm BREAK

1:30pm Introduction to Inductive Bible Study

7:00pm Spiritual Rest Speaker Session


9:00am Praying in Color Session

9:30am Lectio Divina Bible Meditation

10:00am Spiritual Rest Speaker Session & Closing Circle

The Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical is perfect for women who:

  • Feel challenged with trying to consistently nurture their faith.
  • Can’t remember the last time they spent time away from work and the kids.
  • Are craving deeper dives in Bible study.
  • Desire more opportunities for and intimacy in prayer.
  • Are feeling the weight of their leadership roles.
  • Just need to feel more connected with God.

Let's recap what you'll get with this revitalizing experience:

  • An opportunity to leave your home and work to rest with God and renew yourself spiritually.
  • Attend the sabbatical at the restful destination of your choice
  • Access to all Spiritual Rest Sessions - and you get to keep them all!
  • Small group discussions with other mom leaders after each session.
  • Guided Praying in Color Sessions.
  • Allow God to speak to you through Bible study & meditation around scripture.
  • Times of silent retreat.
  • Restorative workshops that fine tune your ability to spend time with God in shorter periods of time during your busy work week.
  • The ability to return to your home and work completely refreshed

The Refreshed Moms Spiritual Rest Mini-Sabbatical

Where mom leaders come to take a break from work and family in order to reconnect deeply with God and renew themselves spiritually.